Eating disorders

The need that leads to the act of ” filling up with food ” seems to meet a physiological need, but yet it is often linked to a lack or a psychological disorder . We are not hungry, but we eat to calm down or to compensate and experience a feeling of immediate pleasure . The feeding behavior is then perceived as an outlet, providing a sense of refuge.

It is equivalent to “take a break”, to reduce stress , the fear of lack, an annoyance, overwork, a passing or deep insecurity, or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Ingesting certain foods then makes it possible to flee reality, just like alcohol, tobacco, drugs or compulsive buying. When the food is in the chewing phase, time has no hold. We suddenly stuff ourselves to give ourselves a capacity, to exist…

Boredom seems to be disappearing: a momentary truce in the crushing of negative and devaluing thoughts ! The feeling of loneliness, abandonment or non-recognition no longer exists punctually, as if by magic! All the problems are just put on hold! Food intake then acts as a “pause button”. This behavior can be compulsive this is called the ” food drive “. If the intensity and quantity of consumption are important, we will speak of a “food crisis”. The calming effect of food is linked to the texture in the mouth, a consistent substance and the illusory filling sensation.

This act acts as a survival reflex , avoids feeling negative emotions but too often makes it addictive. To get out of this infernal circle I propose to carry out a “weaning”. This is a work on self-esteem and self-assertion by analyzing the origin of stress, the evacuation or acceptance of negative emotions, before being correlated with a behavioral follow-up on food. . There are 3 main expectations for food: the vital energy it provides, the taste for projects it inspires and the awareness of the self-worth that it materializes. These three quests are induced by the drive of life or not. The healing of addiction takes place when we replace what we look for externally in food with what we would like internally in our interior.

We must therefore identify the nature of our shortcomings in order to be able to detect the origin of our problems. To allow yourself to make room for your inner dimension in all conscience is the key. To finally be able to face the outside world, without feeling weak and swallowing food by compulsion.

In other words, it is gaining “weight” internally by filling yourself with confidence rather than gaining weight through visible pounds that sometimes come just to protect us from a weakness hidden in our unconscious. The famous magic recipe diets then become the illusory potion of happiness and, a posteriori, the arrival with fanfare of our enemy: “the famous yoyo weight”! This is how “from OLD big ” one becomes ” RE Big “

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