Supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids facilitates weight loss during a weight loss diet.

Studies conducted to study the effectiveness of omega-3 supplementation on weight loss have so far been inconclusive. Given the time that these fatty acids take to incorporate our cell membranes, Australian researchers decided to see if an early supplementation, started before the diet could be effective.

Forty people were assigned by the researchers to receive either 6 capsules of 1 gr of olive oil or 6 capsules of 1 gr of fish oil for a month. Then, the two groups began a diet, very low in calories, while continuing the supplementation. After 4 weeks of diet, the evolution of body weight in the two groups was analyzed: while the group which received olive oil lost an average of 5.8% of its weight, the group which received omega-3 lost 7.2%. On an adult weighing 100 kg, this corresponds, after 4 weeks, to a body weight of 94.2 kg compared to 92.8 kg, a significant difference.

Other studies have already shown that omega-3 fatty acids promote lipolysis, that is to say the provision of fat to provide energy, an interesting asset to facilitate the loss of fat mass. during a diet.

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Munro IA, Garg ML. Prior supplementation with long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids promotes weight loss in obese adults: a double-blinded randomised controlled trial. Food Funct. 2013 Feb 11.

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